Need for Robotics

Robots are more potential than humans and their outcomes are incredible and marvelous. Robotics are sure to take the position of human labor in all industries for increased production and revenue. In future we may find ourselves integrating with the robots for successful completion of any task. But critics say that, we still don’t know how safe, effective, and accessible human enhancement technologies will be. It’s also an open question as to whether or not human enhancement will ever be socially sanctioned. Let’s now consider how could robots outrun human intervention:

1. Mass Production

It’s easier to build robots to perform task for us. When a robot is built, they ensure mass production in a more considerable time rather than humans. Industries rely on fully automated systems capable of manufacturing other robots on an assembly line.

2. Mind Transfer From One Robot to Another

Robots will be able to change their bodies at will.In the far future, robots will be able to transfer, or upload, their digital minds from one robot to another. Should a robot body fail, become obsolete, or inadequate for a given task, there will always be another one available.

3. Advanced Intelligence

Digital or hybrid minds will be far more robust and specialized than those of humans.

A robotic brain could be designed to excel at any number of arbitrary tasks. Robots will be able to calculate better and faster than humans, have superior pattern recognition skills, unlimited attention spans, and infallible memory.

4. Easier to Upgrade

Robots will also have improved access to their internal physical and cognitive states. It’ll be easy for us to upgrade robots, but they’ll eventually be able to do it themselves. Robots will improve faster than humans and adapt quicker to new environments and hurdles.