Robotics Projects for Engineering Students

The term Robot was first introduced by a Czech playwright Karel Capek in the year 1920.It is an intelligent mechanical device. Robotics is one of the branches of technology and deals with designing, creation, operations and applications of robots. The robotics word was derived from the word robot.

The present generation are more considerable in inventing machines that could make their life easier. Robots is one such invention which helps a human to do a work much faster and in a safe manner. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation and application of robots. People are interested in low-power, high speed, reliable solutions.

For selecting a robotic project, every engineering student should consider the following aspects:

  • Is it beneficial for community ?
  • Is the robot capable of solving technical issues.
  • Is it cost effective.

If it is feasible, then the following components has to be considered for assembling a robot:

  • Microcontroller
  • Sensors
  • Indicators
  • Control(Autonomous or computer controlled)
  • Communication(Wired or wireless)
  • Dimensions
  • Power
  • Locomotion

Generally there are four types of robots namely, serial type, mobile type, parallel type and walking type. The major elements of robots include manipulators, end effectors, grippers, power supply and controllers. Robots are used in many applications like medial, space communication and military applications. A few robots are capable of functioning on their own and few others need support from human side.

Industrial robots are used in industries for controlling, programming and  manipulating industrial activities.  These robots are designed to move parts, materials and tools and to perform a variety of tasks in manufacturing and production.  They are capable of carrying large weights.

Let’s now consider a few robotic project ideas for engineering students using microcontroller:

  • Pick-N- Place Robotic Arm and the Movement Controlled by Android Wirelessly
  • Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle with a Long Distance Speech Recognition
  • War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera by Android Applications
  • Manchester Code Decoding Controls the Robots Direction by TV Remote
  • Fire Sensing and Control Robotics
  • Robotic Arm Control Through Internet LAN for Patient Operation
  • Fire Fighting Robot Remotely Operated by Android Applications
  • War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera
  • Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
  • Pick-N-Place with a Soft Catching Gripper
  • Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
  • Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  • Line following Robotic Vehicle Using Microcontroller
  • IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  • Touch Screen Based Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management
  • Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle
  • RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Laser Beam Management
  • Live Human Alerting and Detection Robot
  • Wireless PC Controlled Robot
  • RF Based Remote Controlled Robot with Wireless Video Camera Mounted on it
  • Autonomous Robot with Artificial Vision for Obstacle Detection
  • Wireless Room freshener Spraying Robot with Video Vision
  • Simple Pick and Place Robot
  • Touch Screen Controlled Intelligent Robot
  • Human Robot Interface Using Robust Speech Recognition
  • LPG Gas and Smoke Detection Robot with Wireless Control
  • PC Controlled Wireless Multipurpose Robot
  • Voice Recognizing Robot with a Fire Sensor Indication
  • Remote Controlling Robot with a Fire Sensor
  • Robotic Arm Interfaced with MCU/RF/IR/PC
  • Speed Sprayer Robot
  • Solar Panel Tracking Robo
  • Mobile Controlled Robot using GSM


Robotics projects enable students to learn basic concepts and techniques which will challenge them to face large and complex robotics as they become used to practicing them.